Sep 9, 2011

Use of Dual Language (Malay - English )

Greetings and peace to all fans blog night market, I sincerely hope that you all and stay healthy walalfiat Allah bestowed good health to continue the search for pleasure and for the maintenance of survival for the sake of our beloved family.

Starting today I will write all plot in the Night Market Blog is using two languages, namely Malay and Bahasa, all intended to facilitate the friends of our comrades who are outside the country who do not understand the Malay language ... and also at the request of friends who also do business Night Market in their own countries.

Maybe we are not aware of the existence of Night Markets business in foreign countries and even its name is not famed night market, but using their own

language and the nature of this keperihanan then I am honored and pleased to welcome readers from all over the world who want to together to take ikhtibar of writing and the actual experience of going through by myself as a night market traders in Malaysia.

In addition, we can exchange views and exchange blog link between traders with their ideas sound more like a further increase dhanya's achievements in the fields and currents of the same business in order to boost business at the Night Market respectively.

I noticed many visitors coming from the USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia, India, Poland, Hong Kong, Soviet Union, Iran, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and many others I could mention here. All of these countries were made in the blog Night Market and they often come over and over again .. and he often asked me how the business is the right way ..

Hopefully the authors use these languages ​​in the hope that it will be more useful to visitors who wish to seek knowledge and together we are helping each other is our neighbor, insyaAllah ..

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