Aug 26, 2011

The nightmarkets - Pasar Malam

The nightmarkets (Pasar Malam) are always very pleasant to go.In the evening it's very nice to walk along all the stalls in search for something to take home. The salesman are certainly not pushy. They wait until you've made your choice. And then ....... the bargaining starts.

You'll find the nightmarkets in the city's, like George Town, Bukit Mertajam and Butterworth. Sometimes the nightmarkets move to another area of the town. So, if you want to visit one, please just ask people surrounding you, where the night markets are held. In Kuala Lumpur you can go to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. There it's always in Petaling Street.

On Penang most people are going to the nightmarket in so many area . Although there are also night markets in George Town (call for these the Tourist Information). In Batu Ferringhi the nightmarket is along the main street. When you're walking down the road, looking for a restaurant, you can have a look at the stalls. It's not so crowded at the stalls and the salesmen are certainly not pushy.

The salesmen are starting around 5 Pm and they end around 11 Pm. If it's raining there's a chance, that they won't come at all. And when the selling is bad, then they close sometimes a little bit earlier. They arrive in little vans, which are fully loaded with their business. What you can buy? Cd's, dvd, clothes, T-shirts, souvenirs, paintings, handbags, wallets, sunglasses and so on.
Of course ...... most is illegal stuff, like the watches (Rolex, Breiling), the sunglasses (Gucci), the hanbags (Prado).

And Also selling a lot og food, fish, chicken and anything you can found in Pasar Malam...

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